About Us

Experienced with food since 1988, we know what it takes to make our customer's smile. We always go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. No wonder why we have so many repeat customers.

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Our Story

We started with only one goal: Make our customer's smile

The satisfaction of our customer's is what keeps us motivated in providing the best possible service. For over 20 years we have maintained consistent and reliable, great tasting food from the same location. We serve our community by fulfilling their orders in a precise and timely manner with a smile. Our customers know they can rely on us when they need outstanding food for themselves or their guests.

Our experience stems all the way back to 1988 when we first started out in the food industry. This lengthy experience gave us an upper hand in exceeding customers expectations because we saw first hand the way the food industry was changing over the years and knew exactly what was needed in order to thrive and excel long term.

For over 20 years, the great residents of Scarborough Ontario have chosen us over the competition simply because we have the best service, great quality food, and fresh ingredients. Give us a try today and see what everyone is talking about.


The core values that drive everything what we do


We have built a strong and lasting reputation of trust and honesty within our community.


We always hold ourselves to a higher standard and ensure everything is done in the correct way.

Care & Service

We love what we do and it shows. We operate with the utmost care and concern for our customers.


We are committed to providing you great tasting food and excellent service quality.